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Design Service FAQ's

You can design up to 2 rooms with both of our design packages, PRIME MULTI ROOM AND DE-LUXE MULTI ROOM at discounted prices. If you are designing multiple rooms and want to work with the same designer to get a cohesive look across all your projects, this is ideal.

We can help you design almost any room in your house, including your living room, kitchen, open living/dining space, home theatre, balcony entryway, bedroom (kids, master, or guest).We also do office, commercial spaces . We also support Modular kitchen, bathroom, a small space or a single space where you want to design any space saving furniture.

Our design delivery times range from 2-3 weeks. Once you submit your project which includes rough measurements and site photos, your designer will reach out with an exact delivery date for your initial designs.

Designing in a rush? For our De-luxe design package, we offer a fast track option that you can discuss with your designer. For both of our Packages, you’ll work directly with your designer to review your project and determine a timeline based on your needs.

We know design is a process and sometimes it takes a few rounds to get things just right. That’s why we always offer unlimited design revisions so you can be sure that you'll land on a design you love (or your money back).

Once you get your initial designs, let our designer know what you think! You can message them with feedback and request a revision at any time. Then, sit back and relax while the magic happens!

Our 3D design process makes designing your room impossibly easy. Get the step-by-step scoop on how our process works here.

Here’s a quick summary of our process: Upload photos of your space to our website.My project section. Then, we’ll ask you a few questions to help your designer get to know you and what you’re looking for in your design. After that, you can sit back and relax while your Einterio designer turns your input into a 3D design of your room perfectly styled to suit your style, budget, and needs. From there, you can work with our designer to make changes or make tweaks on your own until you land on a design you love! Our designer will then make your room look real by furnishing and decorating it virtually, using real furniture and accessories. Your 'lifelike' designs will help you visualize how everything will fit in your room, and you can shop the entire look at once.

We work with a wide variety of partners from well-known brands to unique and exclusive vendors. Our brand partners include Amazon, Flipkart, Ikea to unique and exclusive vendors. Thus, you are sure to find pieces that fit your style and budget.

Yes, we’re more than happy to include pieces you already own in your designs. Once you purchase a package, we’ll ask you a series of questions about your room and you’ll be able to tell your designer if there are pieces you want to include in your designs.

We currently offer two ways to include pieces you already own in your design. At no cost to you, our design team can find stand-ins(similar furniture) for up to 3 of your piece(s) from our 3D catalog (think a look-alike piece that’s a close match in color/size/shape). Alternatively, for a small fee of 1000 RS per item our team will build a custom 3D model of your exact piece so you can see how it will look and fit in your room alongside new furniture and decor.

Our design packages never expire, so you can purchase a package anytime (even during sales) and start your project whenever you’re ready.

Yes! Our DE-LUXE package is the perfect solution for designing new construction homes/bungalows or rooms undergoing partial renovations. With this design package, you can see your planned updates come to life (including new flooring, finishes, adding/removing cabinets, etc.) in your 3D designs. You’ll also have the option to send us a blueprint or floor plan instead of photos and measurements, which is great if your home is not built yet!

Besides showing you your planned updates in your 3D rendering, we can also advise you on certain materials, finishes, or structural changes you should make. This option is available only for De-luxe plans.

Einterio has a limited time offer where if you select the Prime Package or Prime Multi-Room Package you will get your package fee refunded when you purchase the entire look from our 3D designs. In the end, you only pay for the products you purchase, and designing and executing your home interior will cost you nothing.

Traditional interior design is an excellent method for getting help with the design process. But due to cost or location, it’s simply not an option for everyone. Enter Einterio, an online interior design service that's revolutionizing the way people shop for and design their homes!

We offer a unique interior design process that is fully online! You’ll get to work with an expert interior designer to see your room redesigned in stunningly realistic 3D images. In addition, we also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our designs.

So, is online interior design right for you? It is if…

- The traditional interior design process is too expensive for you
- Instead of having to meet in person, you'd rather collaborate online with a design service.
- If you want to experience your room in breathtaking 3D detail.

Online interior design versus working with a traditional interior designer—what’s really the difference? Both experiences have some overlap, but there are also some significant differences. The main difference is the ability to collaborate online versus in meeting in-person.

Using our online platform makes working with your designer more convenient and accessible. Scheduling consultations in person is no longer necessary. The designer sends you design ideas directly to your inbox and you collaborate with him or her over video call or instant messaging - all at your convenience.

Transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what you'll pay up front - there are no surprises. We can guarantee this since we charge a flat rate per room, not a project fee like most traditional interior designers. This also makes online interior design much more affordable.

Learn more about the difference between online vs. traditional interior design!

With Einterio, it's easy to get started! You’ll kick things off by sending us a few photos and measurements of your room.We’ll turn your images into a 3D model of your exact room. It's almost like magic.

As part of this process, you will need to tell us all about your project, fill out our design style quiz, tell us your budget and project details, and tell us about any pre-owned furniture you want to keep in your design.

Once we know what your room needs, one of our interior designers will create initial designs for it. However, these aren't just regular designs. We show you stunning 3D models of your exact room. We fill them with real furniture and decor, so you can shop on the spot.

You can then work with your designer to make tweaks or revisions until your designs are perfect. You get to make Unlimited Revisions. From there, you can shop your favorite pieces directly from your designs with exclusive savings.

Learn more about how our design process works!

All the way through the design process, you'll be working one-on-one with a dedicated designer. While everything is done online, your designer is always just a phone call or video call away, so you can stay connected throughout the process.

Your first call together with the designer will be to discuss your design project vision. Your designer and you will discuss your style, budget, and any specific needs for your space together. Einterio gives you unlimited access to our design messaging feature, so you can contact your designer at any time, right from your designs. It's a great way to share design inspiration, ask questions, or request revisions.

A designer is always here to support you through the design process and help you bring the room of your dreams to life, no matter how long it takes.

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